Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I send the letters of recommendation together with my application, or do they need to be sent separately by the persons recommending me?
A. Two letters of recommendation have to be uploaded into your application for you to be able to submit it. You can upload the letters yourself, or you can ask the persons recommending you to upload the letters via the link that is provided in your application.

Q. Is it possible to come for only part of the course? (i.e. miss 1 or 2 days)?
A. No, we expect every student participant to be present for all lectures and lab exercises for the whole duration of the course.

Q. Is it possible for the course participants to bring family members along?
A. No, lodging and board is offered only for the students in the course.

Q. Do I get a room for myself or do I have to share?
A. Students will share double rooms with separate, single beds.

Q. Is there internet access at the course location?
A. Yes, a Wi-Fi network will enable participants to access the internet using their own laptops and mobile devices.

Q. How can one reach the course by plane?
A. The closest airport to the course venue is the Cluj-Napoca International Airport. Transfer shuttles from the airport to Pike Lake will be provided by the course.

Q. How can one reach the course by train/bus?
A. You can travel to Cluj-Napoca also by train or bus. Transfer shuttles from the city to Pike Lake will be provided by the course.

Q. Do I need a visa to travel to Romania?
A. Residents of European Union countries, USA and Canada don't need a visa for traveling to Romania. If you reside in another country or you are not sure about your status, please check here to find out if you require a visa or not.

Q. Is it possible to obtain a registration fee waiver?
A. For a limited number of candidates we can offer a reduced registration fee or a full fee waiver. To apply for these please specificy in your application form the reason why you need financial support.

Q. How will a course day be structured?
A. Typically, each course day will contain one long lab session and several theoretical lectures.

Q. What is the climate at the course location?
A. In June, temperatures vary between 11C (52F) and 21C (70F) (avg. low and avg. high), with maxima reaching up to 30C (86F).

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